If you’re living under a house that needs a little love, the thought of sprucing it up or completely tearing it down and starting all over might have come across your mind. This can be a crucial decision that requires careful consideration and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The value is that you will enjoy your home more and it can possibly increase the value of your home.


A remodel involves a small to large scope of work since it can possibly mean changing an entire room or house. It generally serves the purpose of changing the appearance, structure, or function of a certain area of the household. In other words, it aims to improve upon or transform the existing design and layout of a room. 

The scope of a remodel job can involve expanding the square footage of a building, alterations (gutting, removing, adding) to walls, raising ceilings, or adding heating/cooling ducts. Due to the nature of the job, it can be quite costly since it requires the most materials and is time-consuming. It would be best to remodel your home once you’ve taken careful consideration over it. Aside from the sheer amount of cash needed, changing things like expanding the overall square footage of the house will give you a lot of paperwork to deal with such as blueprints, city permits, etc…


The cost varies based on the scope of work, materials, permit costs and time of year. If you want to save 10% and get qoutes from contractors, negotiate with them to be a filler job for them.


Minor touch-ups can obviously be done much faster than a complete overhaul of your living space. The planning and construction of a remodel can take several weeks – or even months! The larger the area of the household that you plan to remodel or renovate, the longer it takes to finish the job.


Pricing out materials and understanding the goals of each project is imperative in doing your scope of work. Hiring an interior designer and/or architect can help you get to your goals and possibly save some items to save you some money.

If you happen to come across an area of your household that you’d like to change but you’re not exactly sure on what to do, it’s important TO ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS :

How do I budget?

The best way to budget for a remodel is to define your scope of work. What that means is what do you want to keep or replace. What materials do you want to use? Then get 3 licensed & insured companies to bid on your job.

How much do I want to change?

Minor repairs can offer the chance to make simple fixes enhancing an area of your home’s appearance and functionality. If you’re looking to update an otherwise outdated layout or design of your household, a renovation project would be a more practical option for you. However, if you want to come back to a kitchen that you wouldn’t even recognize once the construction job’s been finished, a complete remodel would most likely offer what you need. 

Am I comfortable with the room’s design?

No matter what you choose, both would involve transforming the look and feel of your home. However, if you aren’t comfortable with one area’s layout and want to tear down a wall to expand the living space, or add an extension and move the kitchen countertop to the other end of the room, you better be saving up for a remodel.
Now that you’ve understood the difference between the two, it’s now time to wrap things up and start planning for your project. This part can be quite difficult and it’s easy to lead the project down the drain if it isn’t done right. Perhaps you’re still considering which would be the right fit for you, worry not since our team at GetPro Construction can help you out! To learn more about our services, contact us at (734) 822-9595 or reach out to us via email at