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1. What are the signs that I need to replace my roof?
Its been over 20 years. Even through manufacturers have 30, 40 and 50 year shingles, its time to pay attention to the following:

• Curling and buckling shingles
• Missing shingles
• Asphalt in the gutters
• Sagging areas throughout the roof
• Discoloration

2. Which shingle is better, 3 tab or dimensional shingles.
Dimensional is more popular for aesthetic purpose. Dimensional shingles channel the water in many different directions, which helps with wear and tear. 3 tab shingles are cheaper, but harder to install, which almost makes it the same price with the increased labor charge.

3. Can I put a layer of shingles on top of my existing shingles?
This is not recommended, as this puts additional weight on the roof and doesn’t address the key components of the foundation of the potential rotted boards, aged ice/water shield, flashing and ventilation.

4. Why is ventilation important for a roof?
Ventilation helps allow incoming and outgoing airflow to not have the attic get too hot or cold and to avoid moisture build up. Without proper ventilation many damages can occur.

5. Do I have to replace a flat roof?
A flat roof can be coated with an elastomeric coating to help extend the life span prior to a proper full tear off and install. This only a temporary fix that makes sense to protect the roof until the next planned replacement.

6. Does vinyl siding last for a long time?
The short answer is yes. The long answer is that there are many grades of vinyl siding that are thicker and can last longer. Vinyl siding is very low maintenance, but can be power washed with a cleaner when it is dirty to bring it back to looking clean and newer.

7. Is Hardie plank a good siding product?
Hardie plank is a great siding product with great R value to increase the insulation. It is a fiber cement board that in my opinion is in the same category as brick and stone. It looks like wood, but without the deuteriation and rotting.

8. When do I need to replace my concrete?
You will notice visual cracks and breaking of concrete from the weather, that can cause trip hazards. These are signs to replace your concrete, as well as city and municipality notices.

9. When should I replace my windows?
Wind in flow when the windows are closed, water damage, issues opening and closing, moisture in between the glass and cracking.

10. Are gutters a must to replace when replacing a roof?
Gutters generally last for 20+ years, but should be replaced during (or after) a roofing replacement project when there is rusting, water overflow, sagging, cracks, peeling and nail and screw pops. It is important to have a good gutter and down spout system to prevent water from getting around surfaces on your home and channeling the water away from your home into designated areas.

All products have different grades and qualities, that is why we always involve our material representative in decisions to help the client have the best quality and longest lasting project for their money.