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Looking for a specialist for basement repairs, renovations, or restoration? GetPro Construction has over 2 decades of proven experience in providing citizens of Michigan the top quality basement services for many years

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Why should you renovate your basement?

One of the most neglected parts of any home is the basement. A lot of people skimp out on the basement thinking that they won’t use it either way but we beg to disagree. A well finished basement is essentially like adding an additional floor to your home that you can use for anything you want. Some people have their basements done in such a way that it almost rivals their living room complete with a comfy couch and big screen TV to enjoy with your buddies – all while not disturbing your housemates or neighbors cause you are still in the basement.

According to homeworx in IOWA, homeowners in 2017 recouped around 70% of their investment used in the basement when they sold their home. A solid basement gave the impression that the house still has solid structural integrity judging by how good the basement was. You can also use it as a selling point to appeal to buyers who might have a use for it such as having their own computer server set up if they’re into the modern house gadgets without taking up any space on the main areas of the house.

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We also specialize in doing demolition jobs for residential and commercial properties

GetPro Construction understands the importance of handling demolition projects properly by containing and disposing potentially hazardous materials.

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GetPro Construction is your reliable source for large renovations to small maintenance handyman repairs. Priding ourselves on providing all projects and clients with a respectful approach of using our experience and professional knowledge on each project from the estimate to the completion, success is always achieved
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