As we welcome the new decade, it’s high time to take a look at the new trends for upgrades or any updates done to your home. A lot of us are looking into some kind of home renovation for this year. So in case you’re wondering, here are some of the newest trends that we should be aware of to overhaul your property. GetPro Construction is here to discuss and also take care of any renovation work you’d want to be done at your place.


According to a survey done by the Digital Team at HGTV, a lost of homeowners still look into sprucing up their kitchen (55%), others prefer the bathroom (41%), and lastly the living room (24%). Comparing data from 2019 to this year, outdoor spaces aren’t that much of a concern since most homeowners would most probably focus on the home’s interior. 

For the home’s design choices, a taste for the traditional still remains very popular. Mid Century modern designs have been on the rise since last year from 11% to 27%. Other designs such as farmhouse (24%), bohemian (16%), and rustic (16%) are still favored up to this day.

Whether you opt for classic renovations or with the fresh and new trends of today, these can be a vital part in improving the overall look and feel of your safe haven. Let’s take a look at some of these trends that you can try out this year:

Open spaces

This has been a sought-after trend ever since last year. Gone are the days when homes have a lot of closed and cramped interiors. Open spaces are preferred in common areas such as the living room or foyer. Breaking down walls and barriers are quite taken literally in this sense, especially if your house hasn’t adapted to this trend yet. This also applies to open shelving units, which only makes the room appear much larger which is the concept of this trend. Not only is this appealing, but this will also allow your home to become cooler during the summertime since it invites the breeze to circulate through the space inside. 

Carpets are a thing of the past

This year is the time for you to update your all-carpet flooring. Keep it plain and simple, hardwood floors and even those tiled in different colors are in! For an all-wooden floor plan, you might want to opt for darker shades. To be fair, this might be a little bit expensive for some homeowners, but there are ways to achieve a similar and non-expensive look thanks to wood-style laminates or vinyl. Also, if it’s hard for you to let go of your carpet floors, take note that carpets can be used as an accent point in areas where you need it. For example, this can be used in a bedroom or living room.

Going green

Not only are you helping the environment, you prevent boring a hole through your pockets as well! This is perfect for homeowners who’re running on a budget when planning to renovate. When you aren’t able to purchase new items to add to your home as you initially wanted to, perhaps you can add more plants indoors. The demand for greenery inside the home has been on a rising trend due to the need for sustainable homes with cleaner air. 

Energy-efficient lighting, home insulation, and improved roofing by integrating a skylight. Skylights are a unique and effective way to bring light into your home. These additions are the ultimate “light magnet” so to speak. Not only do they invite sunlight, a full moon might even save a little on your electric bill as well. 


It doesn’t matter what year or decade we’re under, budgeting will always be an important factor. Planning your home renovation, whatever the approach may be, you’ll surely fig into your pockets. Adhering to the trends we just mentioned can be achieved by taking note of the following:

Starting small

Tackle things one at a time instead of facing a complete overhaul of your kitchen or living space. Start by adding a breath of new color or patterns using a backsplash or a trendy wallpaper that can work wonders. Perhaps you can start with replacing old and outdated appliances, or giving your shelves or cabinets a much needed fresh coat of paint. 

Work with what you already have

Instead of starting from scratch, why not work with the things that you already have? You’d be surprised at how much you can save just by reconstructing a certain area of your household that needs work. Look for ways in order to somehow enhance your existing space. This can be done in numerous ways, even as simple as swapping out a dated light fixture or changing your cabinet knobs for some shiny new brass hardware. 

Make it count

If you’re planning to update flooring, tear down walls, or somehow change the layout of your household because of your project, make sure that the materials you’re going to use will stand the test of time. Wear and tear may seem inevitable, but items and materials of a lower quality are expected to be damaged sooner rather than later. This would cost you to pay just as much (or more) to replace your cheap purchase instead of paying more initially for a lasting quality fix. 

With any of these trends, it’s important not to rush into them. Take your time to think about how you’re going to approach it and check out your budget for the project. Also, professional advice certainly shaves some weight off your shoulders. Our team at GetPro Construction can address any of your home renovation needs. To learn more about our services, contact us at (734) 822-9595 or reach out to us via email at info@getproco.com.