A lot of homeowners can be unaware of the need for building permits when it comes to home renovation. To be fair, the reason why most of us skip the permit is probably due to the costs involved – not to mention, it’s time-consuming and frustrating as well. In fact, some states charge a certain percentage of the total construction costs to issue the permit which may take some time (each city varies). That’s time and money that a lot of homeowners don’t have.

If you’re planning to sell your property after the renovation, failure to obtain a permit will only complicate things for you. In most cases, it can lead to the cancellation of the sale itself! That’s why GetPro Construction is here to tell you of the importance of obtaining a permit when it comes to your home renovation as we know first hand how important this is.


You can obtain a permit through your local municipal government office. Depending on the size and scope of your renovation project, some permits can be handed out immediately whereas some may take a bit longer than expected since it requires proper inspection of the renovation plan. 

If you’re handling the project yourself, you’ll obviously be the one to apply for the permit. If you have a contractor doing the work for you, they’ll most likely handle it for you. Whichever name is on the permit would be the one responsible for the work and meeting codes.


There are a number of consequences involved when you don’t obtain a building permit once you do some work on your home. We’ve already mentioned the fact that it can lead to affecting the home sale if ever you plan to do so in the future. When the need for refinancing comes up, it may be harder to apply for one as well. Repercussions are also to be expected if damage occurs or something unfortunate happens due to faulty work. 

A home can be tagged with a fine each time an inspector sees that work is being done without a permit. Aside from facing a fine, the inspector could shut down your whole project, then require you to obtain a permit at a much higher fee. Aside from that, there’s also a possibility that you could be forced to take down everything you’ve built so far. 


  • Structural changes

Any renovation project that changes the support system of the property requires a permit. Some of these may include changes to load-bearing walls, balconies, and porches. 

  • Plumbing, electrical systems and HVAC

Whether it’s new or a replacement of existing systems, a permit is most likely required. This is quite often neglected by most homeowners. In fact, even something as simple as moving an outlet from one room to another would require you to apply for one. 

  • New windows and entryways

Take note, replacing an existing window would NOT require you to obtain a permit, but installing a new one does. Since you essentially need to cut a hole to install a new one, it would make sense. This includes the installation of skylights and new doors.

Keep in mind that some renovation projects will require you to apply for a permit but there are also ones that don’t especially if it doesn’t involve major changes to the property. Though depending on the state, some even require you to have one if the project will cost more than a certain amount (this can be $5,000 or more). Let’s take a quick look at some projects that don’t require you to have a permit.


  • Adding a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper
  • Installing hardwood floors and carpets
  • Minor electrical repairs that don’t require new service or moving existing service
  • Installation of countertops
  • Faucet replacement

Remember, these restrictions vary from state-to-state. That’s why it’s important to check with your local municipal government office before starting your project.


Everyone wants to make the most out of their hard-earned cash. However, it isn’t wise to skimp off on the necessary paperwork just to save a couple of bucks especially if the consequences can be very heavy. Without the proper knowledge of building permits, any improvements and renovations you’ve made will be for naught.

There’s nothing wrong with doing the work yourself. If you fancy yourself a handyman and can paint your own walls or handle the wiring to your electrical components with ease, then good for you. However, building permits can be quite tricky – and hiring the right professionals to do the heavy work for you and obtaining the right permits for your project can take a lot of weight off your shoulders. 

Your home is both the place where you live and an investment. Our team at GetPro Construction knows that your property deserves the same level of care and attention one would give to anything they value highly. We aim to complete every project efficiently with quality in mind and compliance with all city codes without any issues. To learn more about our services, contact us at (734) 822-9595 or reach out to us via email at